December 2014 Monthly Judging


Our next regular monthly judging will be on December 13, 2014, in Greensboro, NC, at the Greensboro Council of Garden Clubs building at the rear of the Natural Science Center at 4301 Lawndale Dr. (For directions, click on the Directions tab above.)

December Business meeting

CJC will have its second bi-annual business meeting this month. There will be no training or speaker.

The judging center will open at 10:30 am on Saturday, December 13, 2014, with the business meeting beginning promptly at 11:00.

Plant entries will be accepted beginning at 10:30. Everyone is encouraged to bring their blooming orchid plants to our monthly judging. And remember that you are always welcome to observe the judging process.


Cut Flowers for Monthly Judging

Cut flowers for judging can be mailed to:

Jack Kepley   7180 Strawberry Rd.   Summerfield, NC   27358

American Orchid Society